Is Sustainable Fashion Feasible in Dubai?


I love a designer label as much as the next fashionista there is no denying that.  However I like to mix and match things.  I believe that this is key to pulling of a classical style without breaking the bank.

Even with mix and matching you have to spend your money in the right place. In my home country it is very easy to get your hands on “responsible clothing”. There are markets every day, online sites like eBay or Gumtree. Plus across the cities and towns of the UK you will find countless charity and vintage shops. You can find some beautiful garments in these places. I once managed to pick up a pair of  Jimmy Choo’s that were brand new (minus the dust bag) for an absolute steal in a charity shop in West London. The only catch is that you have to rummage and be patient to find these hidden gems.

Fashion labels are becoming more responsible in how they are producing and manufacturing their products. It’s great that shoppers now have a choice to buy from ethical brands.

Do not forget you, as a buyer can also make a difference! You can start with  how you shop. Buying second hand is a great way to shop and you will get bargains as well. The benefits are endless:

  • Cost less money.
  • Keeping money in the community.
  • With some purchases you are giving to Charity.
  • It’s green! You are preventing waste going in to Landfill.
  • You can find some unique pieces.
  • You find some amazing brands in fantastic conditions.

In my home town I could source out all sorts of second hands goodies for my wardrobe. When I moved to Dubai I was dazzled by all the glitzy malls and the glamour you could see off every corner of SZR. There was no market for vintage shops or buying clothes other than the mall. Well……so I thought! If you just scratch beneath the surface of Dubai shopping scene there is plenty alternative ways of purchasing clothes in a responsible manner.


There are plenty of websites in Dubai that offer a platform for selling your second hand clothes. Great as you can shop from your own home.

Dubai Flea Market

This is held every Saturday at various locations around Dubai. It is big and  there is a fair amount of clothes. Just to point out not all are in great condition but you can find some treasures. It is a great way to sell some of your unwanted designer pieces if you need a clear out.

Fashion Swap Shop

This is held around the city on the first Tuesday every month. Read more here>>


Get your basics at this amazing online shop. They are a brand that has a strong ethical and ecological stance. The first of its kind in the UAE. They spend a huge amount of time and effort making sure their products are ethical and sustainable.


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