Job Seekers: How to Resign from your Job in Dubai A guide on resigning from your job

Well have we not all been there looking forward to the day we get to resign! So you got the job congrats go you! What now ?

Don’t stress too much, just follow these steps to exit your current job in a manner that is professional and will leave your reputation intact:

  1. Make sure you’ve finalized the details with your new employer. Don’t quit your current job until everything about your new job is negotiated and ready to go. Signed offer letter or employment contract? Done! Benefits package? Done! Start date? Check.(All the ducks in a row kinda thing)
  2.  Plan how you’ll transfer your responsibilities. Don’t leave your boss inundated with unfinished work. Determine a transition plan for your responsibilities and any unfinished projects. Create a list with your recommendations on how your work can be shifted to others in the department until your position is filled.
  3. Before the obvious resignation letter or email I personally like to inform my colleagues before they hear it from the great vine!
  4. Then prepare the email and keep it as a draft and book a meeting with your boss say you would like to have a quick chat about something (This is a great time for you boss to ask you to reconsider if you might still be persuaded in staying it also shows that bit of extra respect)
  5. Once your meeting verbally discuss what is in your letter say thank you for A,B,C and everything else you enjoyed inform them that you are willing and able to help with training and transitions before your departure
  6. Mail that letter! I like to think of a resignation letter more like a brief thank you note. Your resignation letter should explain your gratitude for having had the opportunity to work at XYZ company and with your boss, and include the date of your last day on the job this is very important.
  7. Determine your “story.” Think through how you will explain your departure to your manager and coworkers. Whatever reasons you provide, keep your story consistent and keep your reasons positive, not negative.
  8. Give adequate notice. Providing a month notice is the usual. Though, if your job is complex and will be difficult to fill or if you are in a higher-level management position, be prepared to provide additional time for your employer to find your replacement and offer to train the person.
  9. Reach agreement with your boss on how others will be told. Ask your manager how he or she would like others to be told.
  10. Meet individually with mentors and sponsors within the company. Beyond your own department, if you have mentors or anyone within the company who has acted as your sponsor, quickly schedule time to let them know you’re leaving and why.
  11. Remain professional throughout the process. Be on your best behavior so you’ll leave the company on a positive note, leaving the door open for future employment and ensuring a good job reference.(I can learn from this I could not hide my joy from resigning )
  12. Remove personal items from your work area. Wait until after you’ve notified your boss and coworkers to clean out your workspace. Take personal items home and ensure you leave your office looking neat and clean for the next person.
  13.  Be prepared for the exit interview. It’s usually HR personnel who conduct the exit interviews with the purpose of uncovering areas where the company can improve or identifying when there may be issues with a specific manager.
  14. You will be called in to discuss your final settlement before signing ensure you are happy and understand. Note that you will probably get your settlement only after you have handed in your documents for cancellation.(Tip: I thought I would be nice and only leave on the exact day I joined in order to receive the loyalty dues but do not waste your time, because your settlement will be based on that lousy basic that they breakdown so you will walk away with at least 2 k from your usual salary yaaap thats what they do  these companies in  Dubai they say this is your salary and then when you get your salary its broken down and on the day you leave you will understand why! so prepare for a little less money at the end of the month and plan ahead for your expenses do not splurge)
  15. Visa make sure you get all the information regarding your cancellation hand it in on the last day. You need adequate time for your new employer to process your visa. (You will need to hand in your Emirates ID, Passport, Labour Card, Medical Aid after a week you need to collect your cancellation letter and passport then hand the letter and passport to new employer. (Failure to hand these in on time will only result in you wasting time for your new visa process so be efficient and professional do things properly)
  16. Once you receive your new visa make sure to send it to your old employer they need this for their records.
  17. Work as hard as you can, all the way up until the final minute on your last day. The best way to ensure you leave on a positive note is to work hard at your job and at ensuring a smooth transition right up until the time you’re walking out the door.
  18. Good luck also note that you may experience some emotions of whether you made the right decision. Like most cases in life that is normal human behavior doubting and resisting change!
  19. LINKEDIN just like the name you need to get linked in with everyone in your company this is a great way to stay connected with your peers including the CEO. (Do it before you leave as when you leave it will look like it is an after thought) ask for recommendations on Linkedin and give some back!

SO embrace it and by the way well done go you!

Please feel free to add any useful information you feel I may have missed out!


Love always Brunettebee

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