Let Hermès Take you to a Wonderland Something to do for free this weekend.....

If you are looking for something to do in Dubai this weekend that is unique and free then we have just the thing for fellow fashion lovers out there! Take a trip through the #HermesWanderland.

The luxurious Paris fashion house Hermès have put on a spectacular exhibition called “WANDERLAND”. From 22nd January to 7th February 2016 you can find this magical exhibition floating in the lake of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard Downtown Dubai. It is impressive in every way considering it’s only a temporary exhibition. As with all their beautiful designs Hermès have spared no expense when it comes to putting on a show. Step through to another world as you enter the “WANDERLAND”. Immediately transported to another world; a world, which is familiar, yet also dream like.

“Behind the exhibition’s curation draws its logic from two concepts that are profoundly connected to the peace at which the flâneur treads his path: the notion of dreams, and the inquisitive impulse.” – Bruno Gaudichon, Curator


As you enter the Wanderland you come across a white room.  It appears to have no way out, but if you look behind every door,  you will find your way through to another world!

hermes wanderland


As you walk round you are transported back in time to take a stroll down Parisian lifestyle. On as you wonder through the streets of Paris you see showcased Hermès. There are many examples of the the brands iconic designs and flair. Even those who are not overly into fashion will enjoy this exhibition, such as some of our male friends did.

The display is fun and beyond impressive the effort that has been taken to curate this masterpiece. I believe it is worth your time! Open daily from 12pm to 12am and FREE.

Make sure you let us know what you thought!

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  1. Thats sound good!

  2. The Working Bees

    It really is Jenny, Make sure you visit if you are near by!

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