The Most Inspirational Model in Fashion Madeline is the model to be watching in NYFW 2016

Madeline Stuart is one inspirational woman. She is taking on the fashion industry and making an impact.  Not only has she succeeded at becoming a model she has appeared in some major fashion events around the world including New York Fashion Week. The world is taking about her and there is a good reason why. She is not just any fashion model, there is something extra special about Miss Madeline Stuart

“I am a model, I hope through modelling I can change societies view of people with disabilities, exposure is creating awareness, acceptance and inclusion.” –  Madeline Stuart

This young lady is only 20 yet she has already achieved so much and in a tough industry to crack. Madeline was born with down syndrome, which put no stop to her reaching for her dream and becoming a model. The Working Bees are big fans of her work as we feel she is setting the right example to women across the world by teaching us that we should love who we are. On top of all this when she is not busy modelling she is working as an ambassador for InsideOutside Dance Ensemble. An amazing initiative that is trying to get people with disabilities and talent into the industry.

She is inspirational, beautiful and fun. That comes across clearly with Madeline. We had the chance to interview Madeline and we wanted to share with our readers her amazing story and the wise advice she has.

Model with down syndrome

At 18 Madeline knew that she wanted to become a fashion model. Finding the whole journey fun she loves being in the spotlight, but she also informed us it was hard work too. Her passion a and determination helped push her forward in the fashion industry. One of her highlights was when she appeared on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week in 2015. It is her favourite part of her job walking on the catwalk and she rocks it. Her dream is to one day appear in Milan Fashion Week. Though she loves her job as a model she admits that sometimes she finds it difficult for people to expect her to smile all the time, especially when she first meets someone.

Madeline Stuart NYFW Model

We asked Madeline a few questions about fashion and styling to get her to share some of her tips with us:

Do you have you a favourite designer?

Yes, I really like Chanel!

What is your favourite piece of clothing and why?

I love to wear dresses as they make me feel very pretty.

What is the best styling tip anyone ever gave you?

Do not wear Makeup all the time, as it will give you bad skin.

Do you have any hobbies?

Yes, I love sport and dancing.

You have travelled a lot with work, where has been your favourite place to visit?

I loved Florida, it was warm and beautiful.

Have you been to Dubai?

No, not yet but we would love to go.

Many people believe you are changing the face of modelling, is this one of your aims?

Yes but my main aim is to change the perception of beauty and to create love and inclusion for everyone.

You are an inspiration to many people, such as us. Who or what are your inspirations?

My mum.

What are your goals for the future?

I would like to walk at Milan Fashion week.

Any other words of wisdom for our readers?

Believe in yourself and everyone else will believe in you also. Don’t ever give up, always strive for happiness and love and if you achieve this then anything is possible.

Madeline will be walking the NYFW catwalk again February 15th 2016, we cannot wait! She is the model to watch out for and Madeline we know we will see you walking on the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week in the future!

If you would like to find out more about Madeline check out her website.

-Love The Working Bees

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