Monday Motivation what I know for sure Brunettebee shares her motivation

Well here’s to another working day in the life of a working woman, lets motivate each other by encouraging one another. Lets always remember that together we are so much stronger than alone. One successful women means we are all successful, by doing so we should always share what we know and mostly be there for one another.

BrunettebeeBelow is my own personal way of motivating myself to get up and dominate my goals here is a little Monday Motivation brought to you by Brunettebee:

  • You have to work hard, nothing you dream about will come as easy as it appears in your dreams
  • It only becomes reality once you start,so start now
  • Don’t let other people dim your light your light is your own light that shines in its own unique way that makes you,you
  • You are not going to be able to please everybody so don’t focus too much on that focus on the people that bring out the best you
  • Always be the best you
  • Learn your best qualities and when you have bad days reflect on them and remember them
  • When you have a bad day remember the time when everything went wrong and then think of the time when you were happy after that.. remember there will always be ups and downs you just got to learn to dance in the rain and enjoy the rainbow like they say when it rains it pours then we enjoy the rainbow
  • Appreciate everything the good and the bad it is all part of learning to appreciate life
  • Be passionate about what you do it will show
  • As time progresses and your dreams start to seem as distant as the horizon remember that you are in charge of your own dreams the sooner you grab them the sooner they start to draw near again if you want to do something start now don’t wait
  • Dream of owning your own company don’t focus on what ifs just go out and get started
  • People will be intimidated and though sometimes you may not notice that their insecurities are built so high they use it as a forceful energy to bring you down to raise themselves up the best thing to do is to recognise it for what it is and just don’t engage
  • Pick people who are smarter than you to hang around you will learn a lot
  • People who are older and have a lot more experiencealways have something to share this is invaluable to your career
  • What you think is important right now probably wont matter next year so don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Focus on growing and developing always learn there is always something to learn
  • Don’t let people talk down to you once they know they can get way with it believe me they will continue
  • Challenge yourself
  • Ask always ask , you don’t know something ask
  • Learn other peoples jobs not because you plan to replace them but because you never know when you can help or when they might need you to step up
  • Learn your peers weaknesses and strengths and then evaluate your own and strategically see how you can work together you definitely do not need to discuss this with them something you do in your head this is called being street wise
  • Speak up,if you cant speak for yourself  no one will
  • If you don’t like something say it
  • Why should you agree with everything you have your own opinions and those should be valued people will disagree or they may agree with your opinions so better to ensure your opinions are voiced rather than agreeing to agree
  • Pick your battles wisely know when to challenge and when to let things go
  • Never discuss your salary or benefits to anybody nobody actually cares they really just want to evaluate where they are in comparison to you or everyone does that in the work field theses days so just keep it to yourself be smart.
  • Friends,well in the work life its better to avoid being friends with everyone in the office that is literally impossible pick a few and value them but definitely don’t try to be friends with everyone because thats a whole other job on its own can you imagine trying to please everyone ?

-love Brunettebee


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