Physique 57 – The Only Workout You Really Need The latest fitness trend is now right here in Dubai

Barre Class? Heard of it? Everybody is talking about it right now, especially in LA and New York. It is one of the latest fitness trends on the market. Now, I have tried most exercise classes, meaning that I have my routine gym classes I like. However, I wanted to try out this barre class to see what the hype was about.

There are a few companies where you can try Barre. I chose Physique 57 given it is the ONLY dedicated Barre studio in Dubai, and the Middle East for that matter. So I attempted the Beginner level morning class.  

Every new client enjoys a first COMPLIMENTARY class! This is an amazing deal. I now understand why they do it. Once you have tried it, you will be hooked. They know their stuff, and it shows as soon as you walk through their doors. The studio had a fresh ambiance, with white wash walls, inspirational quotes and helpful staff. This placed me in the right mood for exercise.

After registering, I was given a quick tour around the elegant changing rooms. Physique 57 has provided everything a girl could need making it simple to go straight from class to work. One of the most useful aspects of the changing rooms are the digital lockers. They were complimentary, easy to use and one feature I love is the plug socket in each one, so your gadgets can re-charge while you do!

The Studio

Walking into a carpeted room with lots of mirrors and equipment along the walls made me feel a little nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect. The instructor soon put me at ease with her positive energy, unlike anything I have seen with any fitness instructor before.

The music started pumping and we got straight to work. Physique 57 uses your body’s own weight as resistance to target and overload muscles to the point of fatigue, and then stretches them for relief. This ground-breaking process is called Interval Overload. Literally after the first 60 seconds I could feel the burn. Now don’t let this put you off, it was a good sort of burn. Fittingly, the instructor kept reminding us:

“You cannot expect your body to change without the burn, enjoy it”

As the class moved on, we worked through every muscle group of the body and the moves never got boring or easier. After each muscle was worked, we were rewarded with a stretch. The stretches always came at the right moment!

A sweat broke out with every move and I felt like I had an amazing and effective work out without being exhausted. I actually felt really energized after the class and for the rest of the day. The instructors really work you and make full use of that hour. It wasn’t like other classes where I might have endured an hour of cardio and then have to still go to the gym to tone my arms. They work your entire body in just one hour! Each class is structured to maximize every minute and move – with constantly updated choreography, music and beats, along with motivating instructors dedicated to keeping you going strong on the path to your fitness goals. You’ve never had a workout — or results — like this. (And you’re going to love every single minute of it!)

Cool Workouts in Dubai

Do you sometimes find it hard to fit in a work out? Then try this……

Would I go back?

Everything about Physique 57 was pure convenience! You really couldn’t ask for more. They have two studio locations: Citywalk in Jumeirah and Al Thanya Mall in Umm Suqeim, both with free parking and thought-out class times. You can work out with them before work, at lunch time and after work. Take your pick, whatever suits your lifestyle.

Physique 57 is one of the most effective forms of exercise since your body gets a full work out in one hour. The next day you can feel that every muscle has been worked (without being painful). Plus, the classes are fun with motivating music and inspirational instructors.

The instructors are on another level. They give everyone useful feedback throughout the class and really know how to motivate you to push yourself with spot-on hands-on corrections. I felt like I was friends with mine as soon as she spoke to me. I have honestly never met anyone with a more positive vibe as Physique 57 instructors.

The facilities at the studios are perfect as they have everything you need post-class to get refreshed and get on with your day. They provide fluffy white towels, showers and toiletries (including Tic Tacs to freshen up with). Thus, making it the most convenient place to fit in a class before work. I love the fact that all I need to bring with me is my make-up bag and suit for work. No need to carry toiletries, heavy trainers (you wear socks in class) or a big heavy gym bag!

Physique 57 has won awards for the Best Fitness Studio in Dubai and you will see why as soon as you step into their world. Their Barre class was one of best workouts of my life! After my first class I could already feel the difference it was making to my body and my mind-set.

Physique 57 will actually make you look forward to your workouts!

Love Blondbee


  1. This sounds cool! Do you have to book?

    • The Working Bees

      Hi Lauren,

      Yes we would recommend booking as their classes can get fully booked. Let us know how you get on with your first class.

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