Rome | The Perfect Weekend Getaway From Dubai If you want to make the most of the long weekend coming up, why not Rome?

I know we are all excited about the long break we have for Eid Al Adha! I was so happy when they announced we were going to have a five day weekend for the private sector! So we now have from September 11 to September 13 off work! Woohoo! How am I going to spend my weekend? I am planning that now so keep an eye out to find out what I am up too. It is great time to pop away for a weekend break from Dubai and where better than Rome, Italy! Why not book a beautiful getaway to this Italian capital.

We have a few secret tips of what you can get up to in Rome that are not known to everyone!

Rome is a city that is full of beauty at every corner. We easily threw away the guide book and just wondered across the streets steeped in history. The city was so easy to navigate around. We never once looked up where the main attractions were as you could either see them or they were signed posted.

I took a weekend trip there from  Thursday till Monday in March. The spring air was crisp and the sun shined, making it perfect weather for walking around the city. (Though it did rain one day) The south of Italy makes a perfect getaway from Dubai for a short weekend break. The flight time being 6 hours and only a two hour time difference it was no hassle at all. One major attraction fro was the shopping. Nestles among all the cobbled streets are the home of my favourite designers. Each shop/boutique  is beautiful in its own unique way. With different stone and architecture. Something so different than the shops in the Dubai Mall.

Designer shopping in Rome Shopping in rome

There is plenty of information on other blogs about the main tourist attractions of Rome and everyone of them is worth a visit and all are breathtaking. I wanted to tell you about a couple of things that are necessary in Rome yet off the beaten track:

Casa de Jazz

This beautiful house once where all the action happened for the Mafia. Now it is a place for a relaxing night of food and sweet Jazz. Located in the Villa Osio grounds this 1920s villa is charming with great music, food and drink to have one magical night in Rome.

A Majestic Cooking Class

Just outside the city of Rome lies the medieval village of Mazzano, one beautiful setting for an Italian cooking course. Steeped in natural beauty, and under the instruction of the talented Italian Chef Marinella who will have a great day learning how to cook. The tour starts with a pick from Rome City Centre and then you have a quick walking tour of the markets and or farms to learn the best ingredients to buy. You really will be able to impress your friends back at home with what you learn here. You learn so much in a fun way while sipping on beautiful grape!

Rome cooking course 1 Rome Cooking course 2 What to do it ROme

Mazzano Romano cooking course 130 Euro pp

La Carbonara

This has to be Rome’s best kept secret. This restaurant can be found on the maze of small streets in the Monti area of the city. The decor is that typical understated rustic charm of wood and bare brick with quaint tables in a cozy space. The service is attentive and they have the most delicious dishes including pasta I have ever tried in Rome. It can be difficult to find but this place is a treasure for any food lover.

One bonus (and a sign of good food) is that it is not overpriced and it it filled with locals and always busy.  Make sure you book in advance as not to be disappointed

NH Collection Roma Palazzo Cinquecento

This Hotel is brand new and simply stunning. It has everything you need and more for the perfect getaway in Rome. The beautiful  grand build has been converted from an old post office to a 5 star hotel. The location was perfect for walking everywhere in the city. It was located right next to the Termini Train Station, which has direct links to the airport. Making you weekend getaway from Dubai even more convenient. It has stunning 19th century architecture combined with  modern interior design on the inside makes it a hotel that will be loved by everyone. 

Hotels in ROmeRome Modern hotel

Vespa Tours

We didn’t do this as we ran out of time. There are many tour companies in Rome where you can hire the classic Italian scooters for an hour or a whole day. What a romantic way to see the city or take a picnic out to the countryside. Just make sure you stay safe and wear a helmet!


Have you been to Rome? Did you like the city? Is there anywhere else you would recommend for a short getaway from Dubai?

Ciao for now


-Love Blondebee


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