How to Manage Your Social Media: Dubai Work Life Social Media etiquette for work life

Young Professional

In todays world of modern technology and ever growing social media networking it is important to express caution when using your accounts in the UAE. Being young and entering a working world can be daunting and overwhelming. We all want to grow our networks, especially as they say most jobs today come from who you know! Well this may be true but  you do need to take a moment to think before accepting those friend requests that you will without a doubt receive on your very first day at work.

My experience from my very first job taught me a lot with regards to social media and work life.

With social accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat ,Linkedin, Periscope etc. We as young graduates are not well equipped to know when to add and when to simply differentiate between who is a friend and who is simply a colleague.

My advice which is of course only my opinion and you may of course beg to differ it is only a personal opinion*

On your first day people will most likely be interested to know more about you and will send you a Facebook request be sure NOT to accept….yet. You need to judge your environment first.

Especially on the first day take some time to settle in and focus on your training and not who to have on your Facebook.

Think about this ? What were you doing last night ? Did someone share it? If yes, then you have now allowed the whole office access to that information too.

Be careful. I know you are feeling a little nervous and shy and this would be a great way make friends on your first day at work. Just avoid it for now. You probably would not even know if this is a person you will be friends with over the next couple of months. Just relax take your time! It is a nice gesture but its best you think of yourself first. Have the upper hand to decide who you will accept and who you simply much rather not have on your friend list.

Simply ignore the request.

If you feel this is a bit rude then you may simply go over to Linkedin which is best as it encourages the professional approach. They will then realise that you are willing to connect but on a professional level.

Again, just make sure you think about this.I am not saying that if you did accept them on Facebook that is being unprofessional, you are just showing that your Facebook is for friends at this stage you are not friends you are a work colleagues therefore Linkedin should be encouraged! Set the boundaries.

Linkedin is great for growing your professional network. It is easy to get overwhelmed and excited to be friends with everyone at the office but not everyone wants to be your friend! Some want tothey cyber stalk you and this is what you want to avoid.

Personal Tweaking

Before you are even applying for a job make sure you have looked over your profiles and tweaked any details that can be Mis-interpretated.

I would have your professional name on Linkedin and maybe a nickname only family and friends know over on Facebook and Instagram. This will make it difficult for people to actually find.

Best to keep work life separate from your social life get to know people keep it professional and classy.

Love Brunettebee


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