St Lucia – The Island that Dreams are Made Of St Lucia is a beautiful Caribbean island that is full of marvelous things!

Saint Lucia an island that has been handed between the French and English for centuries,  is green, full of flavour and knows how to party.  Enjoyed by celebrities and used as backdrops for Hollywood films makes this island a must on your travel bucket list

Though you can travel round the island in one day you will need at least a week or two to experience  everything this green paradise has to offer. We know all her secrets and can’t wait to share them with you.

St Lucia is one of the most vibrant islands in the Caribbean sea. Most life is on the coast of the islands and much of the land in the middle is not inhabited. There are beautiful towns, cities and tropical beauty meaning you will need at least two weeks to relax and explore everything the island has to offer. From volcanic baths to street parties, there is so much to enjoy.

One of the best things about St Lucia is the people! They are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about their country.

Rainbow in Paradise st lucia


There are a range of hotels in St Lucia from luxury resorts to cute guest houses. It really depends on the type of the experience you are looking for.

If you are looking for resorts then travel to the north side of the island. You can stay in the south I just feel you get to see more of this beautiful island if you stay on the north side.  You will find an array of resorts from Sandals to the ultra modern Sugar Beach Resort

Sailing is another option. It is a great island to sail round as the views are beautiful due to it being a volcanic island. The Pitons are like a beacon when you travel around the island! If you are going to be sailing then you are probably going to come across  Marigot Bay, where I would recommend a night at the exclusive Capella. Included here is a marina and a great place for sun downers in the Rum Cave!

Many tourists make their way to Rodney Bay. This is a popular area but there is so much more to this island than here.

If you are looking for something more low key then there are plenty of guest houses around, with various levels of comfort available. I would recommend St Lucia Paradise, a perfect private get away with a beautiful host couple who cannot do enough for their guest. For something even more peaceful try Heritage House.

St. Lucia

Things to Do

You can always do the obvious and enjoy the beach life and the resorts of St Lucia but you would be a fool not to get out, have a walk around experience life on the island. As you explore you will see a life full of laughter, stunning scenery and delicious food.

  • Ride bare back in the ocean on a horse. Yep loads of places offer this and its a majestic way to cool off from the Caribbean sun.
  • Pitons, Soufriere – These are two volcanoes that dominate the skyline around the island. They are a great day trip out and you can even make use of the hot springs around the base. Apparently the locals say the high amount of sulphur is good for your skin…if you can handle the smell.
  • Gros Islet Street Party – Every Friday night….not to be missed as the atmosphere is electrifying. Dancing in the streets, local rum and plus plenty of freshly caught fish to enjoy. Trust me it will be your highlight.
  • Visit the food markets in Castries. You will find fresh herbs and spices and great ingredients. Great way to have a BBQ in your villa.
  • Hire a local driver for the day. To hire a tour guide and driver for the day you can expect to pay around $150 USD. They will take you to hidden corners of the islands, great shacks with great food and you can enjoy the tropical forest and scenery St Lucia has to offer. I fell in love with the island even more after this tour as my tour guide was so knowledgeable of her country and its beauty.
  • If you are a diver like Brunttebee then head down to the Anse Chastanet Marine National Park.
  • Diamond Botanical Gardens are worth a visit as they have some stunning waterfalls… not forget to try the fresh spring water! Try and ask your driver to include this on your tour as it is only a quick visit.

    Caribbean Sea native fishing boat with view twin piton peaks and volcano mountains Soufriere St. Lucia island West Indies

    Caribbean Sea native fishing boat with view twin piton peaks and volcano mountains Soufriere St. Lucia island West Indies


Lots of great food in St Lucia! It will come as surprise to most but you will find the famous fast food joint around the islands but you usually just need to cross the street to find something more authentic.

There are lots of great things to try, from the local treats in the bakeries of castries to flying fish and platinin. A local once told me

You can never be hungry in St Lucia. There is so much food growing everywhere.

This is true you can find trees with fruit on and  lots of edible plants. My favorite memory here was when a local noticed I was sunburned  so just broke off this plant on the side of the road and spread it’s sap all over my arm. It turned out to be aloe vera. Something I have paid money for in the health shops of Dubai Mall was just growing on the side of the road here.

So here is a list of food you need to try in St Lucia:

  • Plantain
  • Rum
  • Cassava
  • Plantain
  • Flying fish
  • Salt fish (Personally I did like it 🙁 )
  • Breadfruit
  • Piton Hops


Mainly English or Creole French is spoken here. Due to Tourism being one of the biggest economies you will be able to communicate with most people in English.


Typical Caribbean weather, hot and prone to thunderstorms through out the year.


East Caribbean dollar is the currency they use here. Some places accept USD but best to have the local currency. You can use your major credit cards in most places but you will need to carry cash on you. The exchange rate is approx. 1 ECD to 1.35 AED.


This country is relativity  safe. I would apply the same caution here as going to any country. Never go any where at night by yourself and lock away your valuables. Take extra care when driving and walking along the roads as the drivers can be a bit manic.

Getting There

There are no direct flights from Dubai. Try to combine it with a visit to the East Coast of America. Via New York would be my preference. If you are travelling through the summer then through London is also a good option.

Have you visited St Lucia? Do you love it as much as I do? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments section below.

Love Blondbee

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