Linkedin Users Should Avoid Doing This Looking for a job? Are you making this mistake on Linkedin?


Linkedin the social platform,that brings recruiters, employers, employees and industry experts together. It is great for so many different reasons.
We at The Workingbees are huge fans of Linkedin and if you do not have a Linkedin profile yet then we insist in creating one right now…GO!

For those of you who are on Linkedin in and are constantly updating your profile or growing your network then this is for you. Linkedin is a great tool when job hunting, especially here in Dubai.

Lately I have noticed people on the job hunt going a certain extra mile which may be great but it can also be counter productive. We spoke to HR experts about this issue and if  it annoyed recruiters? When we raised our concerns to them, they were all in agreement that this mistake can actually hurt your chances of getting to interview.