The 12 Most Romantic Restaurants in Dubai. These are the top restaurants every women in Dubai wants to go to for Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so we decided to give our viewers a special valentine gift: A list of the top romantic restaurants in Dubai. We have sourced out the best food, best atmosphere and perfect place to make that special someone feel appreciated and important.

A lot of people in Dubai and around the world tend to feel left out on Valentine’s Day. Being an Expat and so far from home you can still celebrate it with friends as well as family in Dubai.  If you have just moved and you do not know the best places then this is the list for you.

So in order to help you have the best Valentines without being disappointed we have our favorite destination  restaurants, great for romance, great to eat and with picturesque views. Therefore you will have great snaps to share.

You also do not have to take someone of the opposite gender to celebrate. Why not take a female friend? This is a nicer way to spend the day and a very nice way to lift each other up as women. Valentine’s can be a great day to show people we care about them but also Valentine’s Day tends to leave people feeling lonely and also depressed. So let’s come together to make everyone know that they are not alone.

Valentines will be falling on a working day, and remember that time we wrote a piece on “How and Why to wear Red at Work ?”, well that might just help you slip out the office in time to make it for a date. Great day to apply our  tips and tricks. Wearing red is a perfect accessorie for this occasion.

12 Romantic Restaurants in Dubai

  1. Sass Cafe: DIFC, dark and seductive French cuisine.
  2. Bagatelle: Situated in The Fairmount on SZR, the current place to be very elegant, sophisticated, bubbly atmosphere, food is impeccable and worth the price.
  3. Okku: A restaurant and lounge. Infamous for Love Sunday’s at Okku, the restaurant turns into a club vibe after 12. Japanese cuisine, known for mouth watering sushi, and a well known spot for celebrity spotting.
  4. Pier Chic: Great for venue most romantic and perfect for pictures definitely the destination venue.
  5. Toko: Sleek and less packed in comparison to Okku more for sentimental alone time. It has an amazing night view of Downtown.
  6. La Serre: True fine dining French cuisine, consider stepping into Paris without leaving Dubai. Dress to impress!
  7. Roberto’s: The heart of Italian dining, views of DIFC. The atmosphere is lively and the dress-code  is smart.
  8. La Cantine du Fauborg: More of an older crowd but very chic and upbeat . Location is well on its own to be listed as an iconic building in Dubai, Emirates Towers. Well presented and  set up for fine dining with a modern chic decor.
  9. Zuma:  Always fun it go to, always bustling, bubbly and the food is always to die for.
  10. The Farm: Cute and casual for a sweet night out with your sweetie.
  11. Mint Leaf of London: Boasting a gorgeous view of Dubai’s  infamous downtown lights bringing flavours from India with a modern twist.
  12. Qbara: Modern Arabic cuisine with lovely arabesque architecture, it truly is a warm welcome to the Middle East . A great place to take in the culture of Dubai.

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