The Perfect end to a Busy week Week-end get away

Being a working woman, in bustling Dubai  means you have a busy work schedule  It is always best to plan a weekend get away!

Something to look forward to and keep you motivated through the week. Well this past weekend Brunette Bee managed to escape into the beautiful picturesque Fujairah!

Famous for its gorgeous black mountain rocks that lock gorgeous beaches between it! Not only that this Bee enjoys the adventurous side of life and loves a bit of Scuba diving, fortunately

Fujairah has a few dive spots, where divers around the UAE tend to enjoy boasting schools of fish and a sneaky Turtle friend as well!Scuba dive

Known for better visibility than Dubai beaches, Fujairah was the ideal place to enjoy san bathing,scuba diving, snorkelling, reading  eating and a lot of sleeping. The resort boasted with many activities to keep you busy we managed to squeeze in a very relaxing massage plus mini golf next to the gorgeous beach.

Since the weather has been cooling down ever so rapid, the pools were very inviting! The resort was absolutely stunning with a very family orientated atmosphere, consisting of 3 main pools and 2 baby pools with an amazing splash area for children and parents to bond!  A few restaurants that catered  international and Arabic cuisine so all the more to enjoy if you are foodie add that to a great end to a busy week.

It is very important to maintain a well balanced life style, returning back to work on Sunday feeling well relaxed recuperated for the very next week ahead!

We love our weekends be sure to checkout what we get up to this coming weekend ;).




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