The truth versus a standard email of regret?

Last week I received several telephone calls and emails from candidates who had been interviewed for internal and external client jobs.  They wanted feedback and I couldn’t give it to them!

Despite my many attempts to speak to line managers for some action, it was futile, nothing was given to me and I felt hopeless.  I had to go back to the candidates and admit that our processes were stalling; but in an effective way.  In other words, I had to fabricate.

But, I was a job seeker for over a year in Dubai.  I didn’t get call backs, email responses and received only an occasional “sorry you were unsuccessful”.  Now that I am sitting in the recruiter’s seat – I do not want to treat candidates the same way I was treated.  Am I naïve?  Will I get jaded and cold?  Only if I carry on “fabricating”.  So, I decided no more fabrications!  Candidates deserve the truth.

I will tell them our process has stalled and to please carry on looking for an alternative job.  I will tell them their test results were poor; or their English is not fluent enough.  Yes – we will lose candidates and probably the best ones too but at the end of the day, I will be able to sleep at night.  Best of all, the company reputation will not be jaded (hopefully).

So, I did that today and was enormously rewarded.  Candidates wrote back to us saying “thank you for responding; thank you for the feedback; I appreciate your email”.  WOW – that was the right way to go.  Candidates happy, company happy and best of all, I am happy.

Do you want to hear the truth about your interview?

I would love to hear?

Till next time

As always love Honeybee xxxx


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