The Ultimate destination for Nails Snob Salon VS Nstyle Nail Lounge Dubai Mall


Now Im very fussy when it comes to having my beauty zen.I enjoy  feeling pampered and taken care of. My loyalty is one of a kind! Once I am satisfied with my colour choices, staff, ambience and of course overall result! You better get used to my face because it will be in your face more than you can imagine time after time (LOL)

So believe me when I am about to unveil my beauty destination to you! You will find your loyalty too! Your face to will become a familiar face, you will not go anywhere else guaranteed!

Till now only been to one salon for my nails and hair. It is very hard to find one destination where you can be completely satisfied ! Im talking about being comfortable from having your Bikini waxing to having your highlights done all under one roof.  If you are like me and tried many salons where you can get everything done under one roof and you leave completely happy to return again then do let me know where ?

As i can vouch for “Nstyle Nail Lounge”,Dubai Mall being the best place for me until now I have two destinations

Number1: A quick dash in for a beauty fix (Eyebrows, Upper lip all that jazz)

Number2: For that all day tiara wearing kind of day, today we are unveiling number 2 for all the princesses out there,you`re welcome..:)

Since 2012 till 2015  faithful to have my treatment done at Nstyle! Everything from cleanliness to staff has always been above satisfactory to the mention of my name when I walk in the door which has been the reason to my ever so returning face! Loyalty I tell you!

Until one fine day I needed a Brazilian Blow out and could not be bothered by the fuss of going through the Dubai Mall traffic then to find a parking argh! I just wanted to go in and have my hair done quick and no hassle. My Instagram feed came in handy when I  discovered   this salon called Snob Salon and Boutique,on Al Wasl road in a stunning villa!

The first impression was that it looked “Snobbish” something where you could not just go in because you need something but because it is a day to day life routine, so I begun looking online and went through their website where I found a price list and I was so relieved when I found out that the price was at least 200 dirhams less than what I would usually pay for! I am not the greatest at Math hence why I am a designer not to say designers are not good at math but in general I think most of us are not! I will speak for myself though and tell you my math is terrible!

Moving on…. I managed to book an appointment and found out that they actually do not have the Brazilian blow out treatment and had recommended the new Botox treatment for hair instead! Which at the time I had no idea what that was, being adventurous and just wanting to have my hair looking fresh and alive again (At the time I had been highlighting my hair a lot and was almost practically a Blondebee), therefore the hair was dead and needed any type of treatment. Ultimately the best thing I did for my hair all year again thats a topic for a whole other day.

Do you remember the first time you landed in Dubai ? That feeling of where have I been all my life and what is this life that I have been living without this first World living going on across here! Well thats the gasp and thought that crossed my mind! This new level of beauty a hidden gem! What caught my eye was the on going choice of Gelish colours they have! Going to Nstyle as a regular left me bored with options because they do not update the Gelish options as much as they do the normal nail polish!  Straight away I booked to have my nails after my hair!

I was like no way am I leaving without trying on at least one of these new colours. The staff were so helpful and immediately managed to fit me in for a manicure and pedicure. Needless to say I left Snob feeling quite like a princess and could not wait to show off my new colour nails to my friends! The Salon is very pretty with wallpaper set in a pastels and touch of flowers on the wall. It is not at all Snobbish as my first impression had been instead it feels like you have gone to your girlfriends house and decided to play around being pampered. The music is soft but up beat. Everyone that walks in is very stylish and smiley. Who needs a ladies night out when you can just come here. Very relaxing warm and inviting. I love it there!

The manicure and pedicure was also priced way less than what I usually pay 270 dirhams for both manicure and pedicure that included the Gelish removal !

From only having one ultimate destination for my beauty zen time to now having two homes as I would like to refer to both these salons as my other homes.

Nstyle for that wuick lady fix you need like a last minute date or something expect to pay around 400 dirhams for Gelish manicure and pedicure.

For that Tiara treatment you need try Snob Salon & Boutique.

For work I recommend nudes, reds, natural and dark colours  always looks very lady like and corporate. Dark colours are not noticeable when they chirp so if you soemtimes just cant make the time to have your nails done then dark colours are the way forward.

You can of course have fun by trying out the new french manicures with a twist for example natural with a red tip!

-love Brunettebee


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