13 Tips to Have a More Enjoyable Flight Taking a flight soon? Then you need to know these top tips.

There are a lot of us in Dubai that will be taking advantage of the long Eid holiday this year by taking a trip abroad. It is expected to be one of the busiest weekends at the airport. Flying can sometimes be a stressful situation. It doesn’t have to be. Follow our advice and tips that will help you make the most of flying to your destination.

Here is what you need to know to have a great flight.

  • Be Organised – Have your luggage packed the night before. It will save you being in a rush the next day.
  • Tickets and Visas – It is always best to have a paper copy of these. Some countries you enter will even request you have a paper copy.
  • Sleeping Patterns – To avoid jet lag it is best to try and get in the time zone of your destination. Plan when you sleep on your flight to be aligned with this.
  • Hydration – This is so important. Due to the pressurisation of the aircraft the oxygen saturation is less when you are flying. This causes you to become dehydrated. You can really notice it with your skin when you fly. Start drinking extra water 24 hours before you fly and while you are flying.

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  • Exercise – You must get up and walk around on every flight you take. It is good for your circulation which will help prevent swelling.
  • Compression Socks – Please wear these. They may not look attractive but neither does having kankles when you walk through an airport. Plus it is really important for your health!

  • Over Booked Flights – Airlines over book flights every day. When everyone turns up for the flight they offer big compensation if you take a later flight. If you are not in a rush take them up on this offer. I was once given a free return flight, a night in a hotel and 100 USD cash for taking a flight 24 hours later.
  • Ear Plugs and Eye Mask – I am always surprised how little I see these on flights. Not many airlines provide them unless it’s a night flight and you’re in first class. They can help you sleep for longer as you travel through sun light. Plus, it can cut out the noise around the cabin.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones – If you travel a lot then they are worth the investment.
  • Face Masks – A flight is a really good time do a face mask. Do not worry what other passengers around you think. You will be the one looking refreshed as you walk through the airport. Your skin will thank you for it.
  • Dress– Make sure you think about the climate you are landing into as well as departing from. I have seen too many people leave beach destination to arrive in a cold city just wearing flip flops!


  • Meal Times – Our bodies digestive system has a routine it likes to stick to. If you are travelling through the night, try and stick to eat at similar  times you would at home.
  • Upgrades– Everyone wants an upgrade. Simply saying you are on your honeymoon doesn’t cut it any more. If you want a chance of being upgraded, then join the airlines loyalty programme. They will upgrade these customers before anyone else.


If you have any other travel tips then please feel free to share in the comments section below.

Safe travels

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