19 Tips on How to Get Dressed Trying to compose your outfit in the morning can always take longer than you think. We have the perfect guide for you.

The Working Bees get asked for advice about, fashion, styling, what to wear and how to pull of the perfect corporate look all the time.

How to get dressed

There are so many different guides on blogs and social media on how to recreate on trend styles or looks that it gets a little confusing! No matter what look you are trying to re-create we have the must follow guide that you can use not matter what type of look you are trying to pull off.

Follow these 19 rules to make your outfit on point every time.


  1. Where clean clothes.
  2. Make sure you clothes fit you! Not too tight and not to loose.
  3. Wear the correct type of underwear for your outfit. Do not wear black undergarments with white trousers!
  4. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished if needed.
  5. Be comfortable in what you are wearing. If not it will show and distract you from your day.
  6. Wear what makes you happy.
  7. Your wardrobe should increase your confidence, not take it away.
  8. Always try and mix in at least one different colour or texture to your outfit.
  9. You are beautiful in anything you chose to wear, as long as it makes you smile.

  10. You do not need to wear high end designer labels to look elegant.
  11. It’s OK to mix high street and luxury brands.mix and match clothes
  12. Invest in good shoes…they look smarter, last longer and are the cherry on top for most outfits.
  13. Do dress for the climate.
  14. Your outfit should make you feel good about yourself.
  15. Do judge the occasion you are dressing for.
  16. Be BRAVE!
  17. Iron you clothes…unless you are going for that “on purpose” creased look.
  18. Do not be afraid to express your individual style for fear of being judge by others.
  19. Dress for you…not for others

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