How Many Hair Brushes Does a Woman Really Need? There are so many out on the market but which ones are useful?

The Working Bess have lots of great ideas on the way you can do your hair for work. You can get really creative with your hair which is fun. To start with you need to get back to basics and understand what types of brushes are good for your hair and what ones you really need. There are hundreds our there and it can be confusing. Plus if you went though them all it can be an expensive process to find out what ones you really need. I have been there and done that and have some shocking photos to tell the tale with.

You need to learn with your hair and not against it. If its curly (like mine) then do not fight it. Go with it and learn how to work those curls. My top tip with.curly hair is the never dry brush it when wearing your hair down. It doesn’t work.

These are the three brushes that you need in order to work with your hair. They are useful for helping you created those perfect up-dos for work.

Tangle Teezer

This is the most amazing hair brush ever invented. It really does work for all hair types! I love it as its compact, gets knots out without ripping your hair or have a fight with it. Great to use on curly hair when wet. I have had to buy two since my husband stole my first one. That’s how good they are. Also great for travelling as they have a cover.


Soft Brush

This is a brush you need when styling up-dos on your hair. Its great for smoothing out bumps or smoothing over back combed areas of your hairstyle. Its like the polish to your hair.


Thin Comb

This is great for styling and parting your hair. It makes it easy to get precise partings with the thin pointer at the end.  Also good for wet combing for curly hair. If you have very curly hair make sure you use a wider tooth version. and never dry brush your hair.



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  1. Soft brush is always workable for quick use

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