Under-dressed vs Overdressed

Oscar Wilde once said:

“In case of doubt overdress”

However, Coco Chanel once said:

“It is always better to be slightly underdressed.” 

With two brilliant minds saying contradictory statements what is a girl to do?

Brunette bee strongly agrees with Oscar Wilde , Why?

I believe that if you dress in general looking fabulous you will feel fabulous so of course if in doubt OVERDRESS! There is no easier way to say it or express it if you feel your outfit you will shine all day.

The outfit will give you the boost you need be it in doubt of a presentation or just because you are doubting anything your outfit will help you get through it.  I disagree a little in terms of it is better to be slightly undressed? Like why?

Why would you want to underdress for what and for who ? I need to shine and be on top of my game! That means rocking my outfit to the max shining bright like a diamond.

Blonde bee is firmly on side with Chanel, and why?

Anyone can set the tone of the event if they make the right entrance. A woman has the power to influence the scene around them. Chanel is making a point of pulling of looking elegant with an air off “I didn’t make that much effort”. It is a difficult act to pull off, one which I am always trying to master. The operative word being trying!

This is why I believe it’s always better to be slightly under-dressed than overdressed. You can set the standard for the evening by being your charming self. As long as you hold yourself with an air of grace being slightly under dressed will never make it appear that you have miss-read the occasion you are dressing for, whereas being overdressed can.

They key in Chanel’s message is the word “slightly”. Her advice does not recommend you turn up with your gym kit on for a glass of grapes in Downtown Dubai!


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