Unlock the Secrets of the Dubai Desert Twins Lets get up close and personal with Dubai Desert Twins

They are probably Dubai`s favourite twins, they are Dubai’s equivalent to America’s Olsen twins. They are the hottest bloggers in Dubai. Followed by many, their blog follows the twins and their life in Dubai. They always have picture perfect style and together they are invincible. They are the closest of sisters and it makes their blog all the more fun to read to see what they are up to and where is the place to be seen. Which is why we decided to get comfortable and personal with Kate and Jen. We had the chance to get up close and personal with them and get them to share there styling tips with us!

You girls have come along  since 2012, what would you say was the peak of the blog ?
The peak of the blog would be that it’s given us both the opportunity to meet some incredible people within the fashion industry, Nicole Richie, Julian McDonald and Aimee Song from the song of style blog and this is only naming a few that we’ve met.

Your both working full time jobs, and managing a very successful blog how do you find balance between the two?
It’s difficult to find the time to blog during the week as we are at work most the day but we manage to fit in a quick photo shoot & we even try to attend as many events as we can after work. It can get tiring but it’s all worth it at the end of the day.

Besides friends and family encouraging you to start a blog, who else has inspired you any other Bloggers from Dubai abroad?
We have always been inspired from Angelica Blick, Aimee Song and the le happy blog. These were the 3 main bloggers/blogs that inspired us to begin blogging.

What are you top 5 go to stores for shopping ?
Our top 5 shops would be Maje, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Sandro, Forever 21 and urban outfitters.

If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be?
Singapore, we love everything about Singapore, shopping, food, nightlife and of course the fashion scene.

Do you have an item in your wardrobe that you you love but your sister doesn’t like?
Jen: Flared jeans, Kate: Sports jerseys

Do you remember when you first knew you liked fashion? Was one of you more into it than the other to begin with?
When we were 10, we were obsessed with the Olsen twins and how they styled outfits. Kate was more into styling at that point though.

How do you put an outfit together? Can you do it with out thinking? Do you plan it? Do you look for inspiration?
When putting an outfit together we think about what would go well together, sometimes we may look at our favourite bloggers websites for inspiration.

If you a dressing for a cold climate how do you keep warm but fashionable?
We would have lots of layers on, thin jumper, flannel on top with a long coat over the top of it all for example, and we would wear knee length boots with some cute socks underneath.

What are your thoughts on outrageous colour clashes? Like orange and pink? Yay or nay?
Red & green is a huge no no for us.

Something we always like to ask? When wearing jewellery should we follow the rules of never mixing silver or gold or go for it?
We tend not to mix silver and gold but sometimes if it’s a gold watch with a few silver rings it doesn’t look to bad.

lot of girls see something and like it but say to themselves “But I couldn’t pull that off, It’s too fashionable” What would you say to these girls?
You can pull anything off if you just make it your own.

If we bumped into you on a weekend walking around lets say downtown what would you most probably be wearing?
Tight jeans or black trousers with a blouse or even a thin jumper and sandals.

Do you have any fashion quote you stand live by ? For example Blondebee completely agrees that being slightly under dressed ,is always better whereas Brunettebee loves to be overdressed.
Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

If you could shoot with any designer or brand who would it be and why?
We would love to have a shoot for urban outfitters or even Adidas.

What would be your dream job?
Our dream job would be selling our own brand and being our own boss.

What would you wear to your first day at work?
Jen: Black knee length dress with a thin belt. Kate: Black high waisted trousers, a blouse and a blazer.

Any other tips you would like to give to the woman of Dubai about personal styling?
When styling an outfit, give it your personal touch to each look.

Dubai Desert TwinsDubai Desert Twins

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