What to Wear to Work on Your Birthday Yep It's my birthday so I am going to jazz it up for my work outfit

Since it is my favourite month of the year September, we started a little campaign on Instagram.  If you followed us this week you will see see we have dedicated our posts to a dress a day for work.  This way we have you covered with your, What can I wear to work today question?

Avoiding the too tight and too above the knee because we are at work lets not forget. However today is a special day  (My Birthday) and we say it’s OK to dress for the occasion. We want to inspire you for your work wardrobe and style. So check out what I wore for my birthday/work outfit.

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These are modern times and modern times means our fashion for work got a whole lot more interesting from the by gone days.

Gone are the days of the pencil skirt with a tucked in shirt! For example this gorgeous Ralph Lauren dress caught my eye and immediately I knew I could so rock this to work!

Now the office I work in is rather small so of course when the day came to actually putting it on and rocking up in my loud floral lace dress! I got a little nervous, thinking is it too brightIs it too much? Am I going to stand out? Do I want to stand out? So to cut a long story short and answer all those questions, no I have not had the chance to rock up in my bright yellow dress to work.

I will tell you a little secret today is my birthday! To answer all those questions of whether or not my dress is too loud or to bright ! Well yes it is but it is a great dress and dressing for success gives you that little extra confidence you need. You better get up and get ready to rock away with me because today’s is  my birthday and well… I’m wearing my loud dress to work!!;)

The great thing about this is I added a smart blazer for work. Since I am going out to dinner afterwards I can remove that, and swap my court shoes for sandals and I’ll  have the perfect dinner look. An easy trick with any dress to give you that desk to dinner look.

Enough about my birthday I just wanted to say I know how sometimes we buy fashionable items and feel a little less confident to rock them to work. I just want to remind you, that it has been proven if you that if you dress well you perform better! Yes many believe this, therefore I encourage you to go be confident in your attire.

When you feel good you do good!

As always I wish you a lovely working week ahead stay fabulous and confident!

Ps: Looking forward to you rocking your dress a day for work this week and tag us to get featured 🙂

-Love always Brunettebee

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