Where The Beautiful Boulders Location is in Dubai A location everyone in dubai is currently obsessed with and we are telling them where it is

Everytime you check your instagram feed all the leading bloggers and influencers are showing off their stunning last photoshoot.

And for a second you might even question whether it’s in Dubai or not ?

Or how is it possible you do not know where it is ?

Fear not we have the answer.

It is not that far from you. It is not that difficult to reach. It is just in front of you but before I unveil the location have a look at these stunning shots of me in a dress designed by me. If you would like to have a dress like this please feel free to leave a comment below.

IMG_3063 IMG_3065 IMG_3109 IMG_3110 51DB97A8-12A9-47CE-B19C-1975CA2DB3E6 IMG_3128

So let us get to the part of why I made you read this post ! how to get here my friends.

It’s really easy have you been to surf cafe Jumeriah? If yes then as you park there and look toward the beach you will spot the boulders! If not then the other way is to come passed Burj Al Arab on beach road heading in the direction of Burj Khalifa. The second left turn to take you towards the beach between kite beach and Burj Al Arab beach.

There they are !!! You are welcome have fun ! Still having trouble locating them leave us a comment and we will help you!





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