Which Hair Length is the Easiest to Maintain Is short hair easier to manage?

As you know I have recently made a very big change……I cut off my long hair. Over 30 cms of my beautiful golden locks were chopped off and donated to charity. Never having short hair before, I was naturally a little nervous about my new look. What style should I chose? Would it suit me? How do I maintain short hair?

Full of nerves left me not wanting to trust my hair to any hairdresser in Dubai. The one place I did trust though was Pastels Salon. When I first contacted them about my brave chop, they immediately made me feel at ease.  The talented stylist knew exactly what to do. After passing on some fab tips, I quickly found out how different short hair was to manage.


Washing Your Hair

Short hair is so much easier to wash, it just doesn’t take as long. However, I do have to wash it more often compared to my long hair. This hasn’t become too much of a chore. Now, I am able to just jump in and out of the shower since it takes half the time to wash that conditioner out.

Long hair takes longer to wash, a lot longer. The great thing about having long hair is that there are endless amount of up dos’s you can style it with. Up do always work best on unwashed hair meaning I didn’t have to wash my hair everyday.

Blow Drying

Surprisingly there is no real difference in how long it takes to blow dry my hair. The time is just as long as my hair is incredibly thick.


Short Hair– I am still learning. Being different to having long hair, I’m discovering new ways of curling/blow drying or pinning up my hair every day. The one difference I have noticed is that it doesn’t take as long.  If you have any tips for easy styles for short hair then pop them in the comments section below.

Long Hair has always been easier for me to style because it’s all I have known. There are more up styles you can do with long hair which I miss.  With my long hair I had so much more fun with braids too.

Healthy Locks

Short Hair – No two ways about it my short hair feels healthier. It only takes a hair mask once and a while to help maintain this. Great news!

Long Hair + the Dubai sun + styling products + heat + backcombing = very dry hair. I had to perform intense oil treatments monthly and used Moroccan oil after every wash to keep it healthy. This was expensive.

One thing I do take that helps my hair retain moisture no matter what length is a daily dose of cod liver oil. I really couldn’t recommend it enough.

Hair & Outfits

This took me by surprised but I have found that I am dressing slightly differently with my new short hair. Neckline details in my outfits have a new found attention as my long hair is no longer hiding the details. Before, I would always have to style an up do to wear a high neck or choker style dress. So off I am to the shops to buy some more asymmetric necklines! Watch this space.

Overall I am big fan of my new short hair style. It’s fresh, fun and way easier to maintain. I am learning different things to do with it everyday…keep an eye out on our Instagram page for short hair inspiration.

Have you ever made the change from long to short? Did you like it or regret it? Let us know in the comment selection below. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a good week,

-Love Blondebee

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