Island Life – What about the Caribbean? To live in Dubai you have to like the beach, yet why do so few of us visit the Caribbean?

Being expats it often a fair assumption that we like to travel. I meet many people in Dubai who love the beach, water sports and the summer sun! Dubai is kind of like an island lifestyle on the weekends but with all the mod-cons of a cosmopolitan city.

It is no wonder why many of us take advantage of being so close to beautiful locations in the Indian Ocean for weekend breaks. Yet I never hear of people taking trips to the Caribbean? Why Not? I know it’s further to travel but there are so many reasons why it’s worth the journey.

I have visited the Caribbean on over 30 individual  trips. I can honestly say that each island has unique  flavour. Every single one is also stunning. It might come as a shock that the Caribbean consist over 7,000 individual islands. The Caribbean has had a colorful history with America and Europe over the past 300 years which has contributed to the character of each nation.

So why should you add the extra flight hours to visit these islands?

  • Due to the vibrant history of these islands in the Atlantic Ocean each one has developed its own unique culture, music, politics and cuisine! The food through out the West Indies is truly tasty. Even though each nation has its own character one thing that is consistent throughout the Caribbean is the relaxed and chilled vibe of Caribbean time!
  • Now I am not the biggest sports fan but there is something amazing about watching the cricket in Antigua! It is full of atmosphere and great performance.
  • If you are are diver like Brunettebee then you will want to visit. Due to a mix of coral and volcanic islands in the region it makes for interesting wildlife.
  • The Food is simplistic, full of flavour and beautiful from all of the Caribbean.
  • Even though you can not fly direct it makes a great excuse to take a longer trip and have some quality chill or family time. It is easy enough to mix up a visit to the Caribbean with a short city break in Europe or the East Coast of America.
  • The people!
  • Music.
  • Natural Beauty
  • Island hoping.
  • Street Parties!
  • Fly fishing.

I will be sharing with you each week a guide to my favourite islands and top tips on what is worth a visit on the Islands.

My top three are:

St Lucia



I cannot wait to tell you all about them!

Love Blondebee

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