Why Sri Lanka Has To be Your next Destination Holiday Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a country set amidst the Indian Ocean. Quickly becoming a very popular holiday destination and here is why….

Firstly for most of us we do need a visa though it was one of the easier visas to obtain.
All you need to do is apply online and ensure you provide all the required information.
From there within 48 hours you are ready to set off to Sri Lanka.

With only 4 hours away from Dubai and offering the ultimate island holiday feel at much less price as opposed to traveling to Maldives. This has to be more than enough reason to visit Sri Lanka.

Direct flights to Colombo from Dubai, Colombo being the capital of Sri Lanka.

I would advise you do proper research before heading out depending on what type of holiday you seek in Sri Lanka.

We planned for a Diving trip and hence we ended up staying more on the South Coast of Sri Lanka. The best siting spot known as Hikaduwa. Which was around 5 hours drive from the airport.

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Far away from any tea planation or elephant sanctuary adventures.

We managed to purely enjoy the hotel and the turtle sanctuary around the hotel area.

It seemed everything was quite far in terms of tourism activities.

If you looking for a holiday of relaxation and beach then the best place to stay would be at Vivanta Taj.

The diving was not that great I found it a bit weird that I did not spot one turtle on my dive but yet there are so many turtle sanctuaries and yet not one of the turtles they returned to sea could be found ;(

Sri Lanka is a great holiday trip for budget and having a nice time away from home it is affordable and the locals are super friendly.

Here is a clip of my adventure in Sri Lanka taken with a drone.

If you have any questions related to my visit in Sri Lanka please fell free to drop a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

-Love Brunettebee

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