Why you Need to Visit the Seychelles A Weekend get away for the picture perfect holiday snaps

Are you a wanderlust? Do you find your self back in the office already dreaming of the next post card picture you will take? We are now spoilt for choice when it comes to beach destination holidays. Being in Dubai we are just one flight away from so many great destinations.  The world is full of glorious, beautiful blue waters and you just don’t know which island will suit you best? You could just spin the globe and wherever your finger lands is where you will land! However we have to use our holiday leave wisely . So you are sitting at you desk and fell upon this post, consider this: You spinning the globe and The Working Bees have just landed you on the east coast of  main land Africa, surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian ocean, yes it is the stunning Seychelles! This is the place that has to be on your bucket list. Find out why…..

Now I will tell you this, if your are hoping that your eyes are to be welcomed by the infamous Maldives setting then lets just get that out of the way ! Seychelles is absolutely nothing like the Maldives. It has a different kind of beauty, but a beauty in its own right. More rustic and charming. There is more  landscape to add to her character. While the water is blue (and yes you may find some white sandy beaches and shades of blue ocean to catch your eye.) There are only a few spots for such pictures. Unlike the Maldives which is known to surround you with picture perfect backdrops.

The best spot  for such pictures would be at the Four Seasons Hotel set on the inland of the Island. Seychelles looks exactly like a missing puzzle piece to Africa, which it is but when you see it you will understand what I mean. Being an African visiting an African island with no animals to scare me off, for example a lion or an elephant. It somewhat left the island  quiet, lonely, as if something was missing.

The aquatic life differs very much compared to diving in the Maldives too, literally what you see on land and under water is completely the same. The huge rock boulders that have not manage to reach above are under water enjoying sharks and many star fish. The coral life is a little dull. You feel safe though because much like being on land and realizing there are no animals on the island (due to tectonic plate movements )the same has happened under water. This is what makes her beautiful she is left alone amidst the blue waters between Africa and Asia.

The coconut trees are gorgeous and tall setting the true tone of island living. The only thing missing from a holiday in Seychelles would be luxury, for some reason they have not managed to bring true affordable luxury here. There are high end places that do offer luxury, it just comes at a very steep price. The island is beautiful, quiet, with warm waters and whistling coconut trees.  The ideal holiday destination for those who are looking for downtime with a loved one. There is not much to do than be consumed by your loved ones banter.

Look forward to long walks on the beach and taking way too many pictures and gorgeous sunsets.

Why do need to visit the Seychelles? It is because this archipelago is renown for having the worlds most beautiful beaches. Yes those gorgeous postcards with turquoise waters and that seem unreal and too perfect for words. Believe me when I tell you this there are no words or camera to capture the views that await your arrival. Easily take a speed boat to La Digue or a helicopter which we opted for since we had a helipad at our Hotel , Kempinski Seychelles. It took us 30 minutes to get there and they gave us 4 hours to tour our way around the island discovering an island that once had so much life which is now a tourists day trip.

Its perfect for taking a bicycle ride (which you will be able to rent once arriving on the island) , if you go during peak season like we did (Valentines Day) then be prepared to find no bicycles. A Lot of people go to the Seychelles specifically looking to capture the worlds most photographed beaches.

Oh and Zimbabweans and the British do not need a visa visiting the Seychelles. This makes it very handy for a quick weekend trip. Added to the fact  it is only 4 hours away direct flight from Dubai makes it an easy trip.

I decided to to do my Seychelles trip review a little different to my Bali trip by asking myself a few questions and leaving the answer for you wanderlust lovers alike.

1.Seychelles or Maldives ?

Maldives, because I am diver and the life underwater in Maldives is well its Maldives. Plus you will be spending the same dollar if you visited Seychelles so better to go to Maldives. If you are not a diver probably best to go to Seychelles as Blondebee feels that there is more to do other than diving and snorkeling which is true in Maldives since you are secluded to the island your resort is on.

2. Number of Days to Visit ? Max 3-5 days

3. What to Pack ? 3 Bikinis, 1 pair of Slippers,  Go Pro /Camera, 1 pair of Shorts, 2 tank Tops, 1 dress  and definitely Mosquito repellent ! (Definitely take your kindle you may get bored)

4.Where to Stay ? Kempinski Seychelles  is slightly over priced for what you get . I would have preferred to stay at the Four Seasons because the beaches were prettier and what I was looking for (turquoise waters). The beaches at Kempinski were not that great and if I am honest a nice little dirty. It was however in a great location and good for divers since there is a diving resort right in the hotel complex. Of course the Four Seasons was a lot more expensive which is why we opted for Kempinski.

5. Where to Eat ? Visit the French restaurant La Plage. Resverations are a needed. Smart casual dress code. Great to visit around 5:30pm so early dinner to catch a beautiful Sunset. Do try the Foie Gras and the Lamb. Service is above average and the price is around 750 Dirhams for 2 including grapes!

6. Activities? Helicopter to the World`s most photographed beach,Zip line, Fishing, Snorkelling, Boat cruise, Bicycle around the island, Visit Maria Rock cafe and sun bathing.

7. Romantic? Yes great for short romance holiday.

8.Expensive? Yes they use the US Dollar and the Euro. One thing we did was often bike ride down to the local shop and have a beer sitting on the beach.

9.Would I visit again? No once is enough.

10. Shopping ? No, it is not a fashion destination so do not go in mind to shop, chances are you will be paying way over price for things are not all that. (Best bet pack what you need)

If you have been to the Maldives do not bother going to the Seychelles if you have not been to the Maldives then you may have a different experience to mine. Blondebee has a totally different experience to mine because she has only been to Seychelles where I have been to Maldives first so I guess this is why my expectations were so high. This is why my view is more for those who are considering between the two Maldives or Seychelles.

The only reason I would go to the Seychelles is if  I am photographer looking to capture the worlds most beautiful beaches or a diver.

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– Love  Brunettebee




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