Why you Should Make Your Own Office Uniform Can an office uniform be a good starting point for you?

Like Brunettebee I  had jobs where I have worn an uniform. I found it easier as I didn’t need to spend time piecing together outfits in the morning. Now I love being creative with my wardrobe but there are days I wake up and have a mental block of what to wear. Along with this many females contact us about what to wear when they start their first office role. Why not get the basics in place first and create your own office uniform? For your first time working in office this is a great idea as you can add pieces to your work wear when you develop your own style.

We have the answers to all your work outfit dilemmas.  So what do you do if there is not uniform to wear like your student job? What about creating your own office uniform.

Now I do not mean you need to go running to HR and request everyone wears a uniform to the office. I am suggesting you create your own uniform for the office. Men have one for work…it’s called a suit. So we can adapt this for the mornings when when run out of time and need an outfit. Your office uniform is your go too in the mornings when you need to get out the door quickly!

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If you want to alleviate the pressure of ‘what to wear’ on those mornings when you are still appyling your make up in the the taxi to your first meeting of the day; a weekday uniform could help you. Find a skirt, trousers and jacket you like, buy them in 5 different colours, or take one down to a tailor to make the same suit/skirt in 5 different colours.

Make sure you have various shades and colours (Do not just stick to a neutral palate such as shades of grey and blacks). Be brave with one at least one colour, a red or green. Mix and Match some basic tops/shirts to give you different combinations for your work wardrobe. Investing in these staples basis will always leaving you looking smart and still giving you something different to wear each day of the week. Helping you avoiding mornings where you think ‘ I have nothing to wear to work’

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So this is what you need for your basic office work wardobe:

  • 6 suits in different colours: Black, blue, white, grey, plus two other colours.  Try and make these suits a combination of skirts and trousers.
  • 12 tops, these can be shirts (make sure you have long sleeve and short) or other styles that you feel comfortable in. Pick a range of neutrals and colours.
  • 6 pairs of shoes: If you want to play it safe go for 5 pairs of court shoes with a heel size you are comfortable in and one pair of smart flats. If you want to have more fun with your shoes swap some of the court shoes for the latest trends. If you are wearing a plain suit then wear a daring shoe. Have fun with it
  • 1 handbag. A black handbag that can fit in documents of A4 size will be suitable for work and go with any outfit.
  • 1 scarf – I think this is a must to have in your hand bag, especially living in Dubai
  • Accessorises: Now this is down to personal preferences. You have to wear what makes you comfortable, but with the rest of your work wardrobe being conservative you can afford to have a bit of fun with some over sized jewelry or a bright belt.

Now with these items you have created your very own office uniform.

By having these 24 key pieces you will have over 100 combinations of outfits for work.

Remember  you can mix the suits with different colour jackets to the bottom half! You can thank us later for doubling your outfit choices

So if you would like to spend less time stressing what to wear to work, then spend some time piecing together your work uniform. I think this will be useful for many of you. It saves time and I think money. You don’t have to use your uniform every day, but you will be grateful the days it is there when you are running late.

One of the other things I like about creating a ‘work wear uniform’ is that you can separate it from your weekend wardrobe. If you know what clothes are your work wardrobe then the weekends clothes will feel more special and you will enjoy wearing them more. I hate piecing together and outfit for the weekend and then feeling like it will be better for work.

This is a great starting point and as you become more confident in your outfits you can try adding more of the latest trends to your ‘uniform’.

If you need inspiration of where to find your work uniform then you can start with our favourtie high street designers.

Would you like a office uniform? Let us know and send us pictures in the comment section below!


-Love Blondbee

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