Working Women Wednesday: Super Stylist Kelly Lundberg Shares her Rollercoaster Career Path Many of us dream of being a stylist, Kelly shows us how she made it happen....

We all know the super stylish  Kelly Lundberg! She is the go-to person when you need dressing for any event. Sharing her journey with The Working Bees, she tells us how she went from stuffing envelopes to become Dubai’s celebrity fashion stylist. It was not all plain sailing……

What did you want to be when you were younger?

An actress!  At age 8 I signed myself up for an acting class without my parents knowing. Of course, I hadn’t quite worked out that I was going to have to tell them as I had no way of getting to the acting studio or even how to pay for it.  My aspirations quickly progressed into fashion.



What is the worst job you have ever had?

Quality control, I had summer temping job with one of the largest UK Banks and my job was to make sure that flyers were included in all the bank statements.  Pretty tedious stuffing envelopes and sticking them down!!

What was your journey like to get to the position you are in now?

Wow, it’s been one long rollercoaster but I wouldn’t change any of it, as it all has been and still is an incredible learning and experience.

Describe your typical workday?

There no such thing as a typical day in my line of work.  I do, however, like to plan ahead, that’s not to say that everything will go to plan, invariably it doesn’t.  Here in Dubai, you have to be super flexible as things can change in the blink of an eye.

Sundays tend to be wardrobe planning with 2 of my VIP clients for their week ahead.  I like to keep  Monday clear of meetings for crucial admin and social media.   You can find me doing anything from street style shoots, creating content for my social media strategy and marketing.  The rest of the week that can be anything from hosting events, filming for my YouTube show, delivering a 7-Step Styling masterclass to an aspiring stylist or a closet detox and styling with clients.


What are the best and hardest thing about your job now?

The hardest is the discipline!  Not to keep shopping for myself.  Every day I am exposed to new styles, brands and designers, which makes so tempting for me to keep on shopping.

The best thing about my job is inspiring clients to feel great about themselves in what they wear and how they present themselves to others whether that is personal or professionally.  I love working with like-minded and aspiring stylists helping them through my 7 Step Styling workshop and masterclass to follow their dreams of becoming a stylist.

What advice would you give to any women who wanted to work in your industry?

Gain as much experience as you can, take every opportunity that comes your way.  Self-learning is crucial there is so much information out there on the net. Research and knowledge is power, stop thinking, start doing, start today and you will already be ahead of someone else who starts tomorrow.

Is there another dream role you would still like?

There isn’t another dream role; I really love what I do.  I am at the moment working on expanding my business.  Ideally I would like to spend a little more time in in LA, working and communicating with clients to empower them through the use of style. I want to engage effectively with aspiring stylists to help them to grow their styling careers as a business and perhaps put some of the acting skills I learnt in my early days into a style show in where else but Hollywood.  Everyone needs goals!

What would be your backup career and why?

Great question and I don’t have one. I genuinely believe I have the best job in the world. I have always liked to travel.  After working as a travel rep in various European countries I wanted to see more of the wider world.  Before I set up in 2005, I worked as cabin crew with Emirates; I achieved my travel goal, saw the wider world and got paid at the same time.  I am and never have been a 9-5 working girl or one that likes to be desk bound.


Kelly we can not wait to watch your styling show from LA!

– Love The Working Bees




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