Working Women Wednesday: The Real Life of a Dubai Radio Presenter Eve Jaso, the radio presenter with a big heart for the animal kingdom, shares her career journey with us

The beautiful Eve Jaso  keeps Dubai entertained in the morning as the Breakfast presenter on Radio 104.8 Channel 4 FM. We love listening to her as we wake up. Eve, followed her passion for music which has led her to present her own breakfast show. It wasn’t easy though and she proves how hard work can pay off. Find out more…..

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I always loved animals so wanted to work as a vet, but I realised I couldn’t handle seeing blood and dealing with the sad times, like putting sick pets down. I realised I would be too emotionally involved. So, I went with my second passion, working with music.

What is the worst job you have ever had?

I worked for 1 day in my local fish and chip shop during my school studies to make some cash in hand on the side. I went home smelling of fish and oil so badly that I quit after my first shift! And didn’t get paid either!

What was your journey like to get to the position you are in now?

Working in radio is a tough industry to crack. You work unpaid for many years before you can even get a chance on the big radio stations. I started my journey as a dancer and entered a dance competition in a night club in London. That day the host didn’t show up, so I offered to help present the dance show. After the gig ‘Ministry of Sound’ Radio were in the crowd and offered me a radio job because they loved the sound of my voice! After doing a few months with them I started working for my local community radio station for 3 years unpaid in the evenings, (while I was still working a full-time day job to pay the bills.) Then when I finally started to get paid at my local commercial station it was such a low wage that I still had to keep my day job and continue working 2 jobs to get by.

I also gave a lot of my time doing free work experience at the big radio stations on overnight shifts to show them my interest and passion. “Never give up” was my biggest motivational quote I would use to keep me positive. Even when I couldn’t grow any bigger in the UK I moved abroad to Dubai to reach my goals. No matter what it takes… just keep going, doors will open if you do your best and use all resources to show your potential!

eve-b radio presnter

Describe your typical work day?

I start my day at 3am to prepare news stories for my radio show that may have happened over night or around the world. Then we have a team meeting before we go live on air to discuss what we can talk about throughout the show. Our breakfast radio show starts at 6am and we finish at 10am. We then normally have a team meeting to discuss the following day and work on more stories for the following week. We could also then get client meetings after our shows, or events we need to film for social media. I then try and take a nap in the afternoon at some point and then wake up again to go to evening events or parties. Then have a final sleep before starting all over again at 3am!

What are the best and hardest thing about your job now?

The best is doing a job I love and am very passionate about. Playing music and just being myself entertaining in the morning. It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to share my happy positive energy to listeners, to cheer up their morning and make them smile before they start their day! It also helps when you get cool prizes to give away like holidays or big amounts of cash! It changes people’s lives! I love this opportunity I get to give each morning!

The hardest thing… waking up at 3AM when it’s still dark outside!

What advice would you give to any women who wanted to work in your industry?

Be prepared not to have a personal life! Everything you do and say and live is played out on the radio and shared. You literally share your life and experiences with your audience to be real, relatable and a friend to those listening!

Is there another dream role you would still like?

I want to own a farm or animal sanctuary where I can rescue animals in the region.

I would look after them and re-home them all around the world! It has been my lifelong dream to help and give back in some way. Animals are so innocent and pure and give me such happiness. I’d love to work with them full time in the future. So if you’re looking for a farmer girl… or an animal rescue centre manager… I’m available 😉

What would be your back up career and why?

I have always wanted to work with a charity. So, if the radio station ever opened a division to own a charity in the region …I would be the 1st on the list to apply for the role! I believe if you have a true love and passion for something, you will always be successful at it because your energy that you give to your role will come from the heart! Follow what makes you happy! Always!



Great advice Eve and your positive energy is always contagious in the mornings!

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